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Re: charting libraries

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 10:05:26AM -0600, Chris Kottaridis wrote:
> I've got some commodities data stored in a local mysql database. I've
> been using command line perl scripts to access the data. I'd like to
> throw some typical charting of high/open/low/close charts.
> So, I am trying to find any standard libraries available to use to do
> the charting. It could be in "C", perl, or PHP. Either web access via a
> browser or just run it locally and throw up a chart doesn't matter.
> What charting libraries can you recommend for this use ?

Generate comma seperated reports and pull the data into Gnumeric or 
Open Office Calc.

A richer set of plot tools is gnu-plot.  Not as easy for the first chart
but well possible to drive with a script or as a sub-process.  

Also look at R.
R contains a rich set of statistical tools to grind chew and process most anything.

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