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Re: .Trash collection doesn't work (Solved)

Frode Petersen wrote:
I created a new logical volume and mounted it directly under my home directory.

ok. now try mounting it under '/home' to see what happens. this way, all users
will have access to common files.

This is what I did. The problem was that I gave root ownership to that directory and exclusive write permissions to root. This prevented Gnome from creating the .Trash-<USER> directories in that partition's top directory. (I tried to make a .Trash directory earlier, but that didn't work.) I created those directories, and now everything is as I want it.

Thanks for taking the time to help; it was one of those times when I really couldn't figure out the obvious reasons.

and i am still having a problem
in seeing why you feel need to store data files in their own partition. main
reason of '/home' on it's own partition is to be able to maintain users and
data common to more than one system install.

I consider this a special case that wouldn't serve as a model for important systems. This way I can use different operating systems without having to reboot every time some other member of the family needs the computer.

different versions of programs.

different versions *should* have back compatibility to read old files. saving
and reading by older versions is where you will/may have problems.

They should, but do they always? I don't know, but I don't want to risk one stable setup for testing another. The main downside I see is that I will have to set up all programs for each system, so setups won't propagate to the others. I guess this requires some discipline on my part.

i do believe that you need to take a break, set back and think about what
you are trying to do and reason a strong justification for having 2 lv
setups that can actually be done with one lv.

I have thought quite a bit about this already, but I don't think I'll know the final answer before I have tried it for some time. Besides, it's an opportunity to gain some experience. It would be dull if everyone did the same thing... conformists belong to the world with fences ;-)

Take care, Frode

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