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FC9 and smartarray 221

Hello all

Long time user of FC and I have been itching to get a more recent version
onto my servers.

I have been using FC4 & 5 on my compaq 1850R servers and went to install
FC9 the other day and the installer can't see the 221 controller (no disk

It seems that everything above FC5 has this issue.

I changed the controller to a 3200 and the same thing.

I ensured that in the compaq smartstart machine setup that the controller
was set as first. Remember that I have already successfully installed FFC4
& 5 on this machine with its current configuration.

I don't use FC on my compaq 6500s as they all have fiber arrays and FC
doesn't seem to support the fiber controller I am using.

To find a solution to this I have searched the docs and the wiki. I can't
find anything about linux drivers for the 221 array controller. And I have
googled about everything I can think of about FC and the 221 controller.

Any thoughts or comments would be most helpful.



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