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Re: .Trash collection doesn't work (Solved)

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Frode Petersen wrote:

> This is what I did. The problem was that I gave root ownership to that 
> directory and exclusive write permissions to root.

that is one way to lock users out. such things are more obvious under a gui
when viewed with file browsers set for 'detail' instead of 'icon'.

> Thanks for taking the time to help;

no problem. most welcome.

> really couldn't figure out the obvious reasons.

some times most obvious can be least obvious.

> They should, but do they always?

"just like girls. some do, some don't. some will, some won't".

> propagate to the others. I guess this requires some discipline on my part.

should be no propagation between systems, other than data.

then it is always back up data after running programs. and where you will
need much discipline.

> Besides, it's an opportunity to gain some experience.


> It would be dull if everyone did the same thing...

everyone using linux does the same thing, have fun...

and reason i tell people 'i play with computers', because i enjoy them and
the challenge. cutting grass is 'work'.

> conformists belong to the world with fences ;-)

most true.

> Take care, Frode

you also.

- --



in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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