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Re: X display sharing fails (xauth)

Joe Smith wrote:
Any ideas what broke, or suggestions for getting my old configuration working again?

Ack. You know, I've had so few real problems with F9 that I've gotten totally rusty and dusty with age here. Cobwebs in the attic.

What's the first thing you check when a system that's been working fine suddenly stops working? Disk space. My /var was full. No space left on device. No can make lock file.

Would've been nice if the error message had mentioned that little detail, but I should have checked.

I know, I know, disks don't run out of space anymore. You can't fill one up before it's time to get a bigger one. But I like to keep my /var on a partition. I've had silly things go wrong and fill an entire hd with the same log message. Of course that was 10 years ago when it took a few minutes to fill a disk like that. Now it would probably take a few hours.

Oh well, embarrassing, but easy to fix.


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