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Re: Open Office 3

Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> writes:

> Dave Feustel wrote:
>> When will Open Office 3 be available for F9?
> When you upgrade to F10.   :)
> I can't speak on the ooo maintainer's intentions on F-9, but I'd venture
> that based on history, such a large upgrade is unlikely to happen.

Right. Major version upgrades of apps generally don't take place during
a Fedora release. One of the key reasons to upgrade Fedora itself when a
new release is available.

Just remove OO2 using yum, go to the OO.org web site, download
the tar file that contains the OO3 rpms, un-tar it and install the OO3

Works just fine...  :-)

Just note that the default user-specific settings and templates are not
in the same local location, so you will likely have to transfer those.

OO3 will be available in F10 if you want to wait or install a current
beta release. Same for rawhide. If you wanted to use those rpms
separately however, I am guessing that there will be dependency issues,
which might make using those rpms more complicated than using the OO.org


Marc Schwartz

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