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Re: [OT] Flash 10 for Fedora 8 x86_64

Richard Shaw <hobbes1069 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I just upgraded without issue on a x86_64 F8 system. I installed the i386
>version as I did not see a native 64bit version available using "yum list
>'*flash*'". It seems to be much more CPU efficient. I haven't done any real
>benchmarking but almost anything maxed my system out before (especially really
>flash heavy sites like www.starcraft2.com) but now it works almost

 I use the yum repo for Adobe and did 
yum update flash-plugin 
on a machine running f8 i386
which seemed to work OK - but I tried the site you quoted and it failed to work.

When I looked at about:plugins I found there were two versions of shockwave flash
listed - which puzzled me. So I did
yum remove flash-plugin
followed by 
yum install flash-plugin

the site above then worked.... 

so I checked another machine running f8 i386 and also found two versions of 
"shockwave flash" listed in about:plugins


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