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Re: [OT] Flash 10 for Fedora 8 x86_64

On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 16:32:11 -0700
Nathan Grennan <fedora-list cygnusx-1 org> wrote:

>    I found this to be true, though not curl-devel, but curl. On F9 same 
> problem, but libcurl. Also if x86_64 and using firefox.i386, 
> libcurl.i386, not just libcurl.x86_64.

I just spent a few minutes scratching my head over this very issue.  Flash 10
worked on one of my computers but not on the one that's right beside it.  Both
run F8/x86_64.

I discovered that the one that it worked on had curl.i386 and curl.x86_64
installed on it.  The other one only had curl.x86_64.

"yum install curl" got me curl.i386 on that one and Flash 10 works now.

>    If I don't have libcurl installed then firefox crashes as soon as I 
> go to something with flash, like YouTube.

Firefox didn't crash.  It just left a blank space where the flash video should
be.  No viewing window there at all.

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