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Re: Forcing Fedora 9 Live CD to boot with VESA Video Driver

> Try "vga=791". That should let you run 1024x768x64k colors. Search the
> web for more values. By the way, the opensuse 11 folks do a great job
> of providing possible video values in their grub.

I was able to install Fedora 9 (from the X86 DVD) on the HP 2133 (using
text mode install) but the vesa xserver will NOT work - it produces a
"C8 illegal opcode" message and the lcd display is blank (I can open a
console). The VGA port does work fine (with sound - F8 there was no

I then installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy and was able to use the vesa driver.
But (there is always a but) - the VGA port does not work. On the bright
side, there is a new Broadcom Linux driver (on the Broadcom web site)
that works with the bcm4312 (and many other Broadcom wireless cards).
There is also a Via chrome Linux driver on the Via web site for Ubuntu
and some other Linux distros but unfortunately NOT for Fedora (at least
it doesn't seem like it would work for Fedora - but maybe the source can
be compiled).

Rick B.

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