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hwclock can cause system lockup

I've got an hourly cron job on some machines that runs "/sbin/hwclock --utc --hctosys" to sync the hardware clock to the system clock. These machines were recently upgraded from an old custom RH7.3 installation to a custom spin of Fedora 9 and started to occassionally lock up - every day or three. I noticed that they would always lock up at 1 minute past the hour so tracked it down to this cron job.

I decided to test it on my standard Fedora 9 installation by running a simple script that runs the hwclock command every 3 seconds. Sure enough, the system ran for just over an hour before it locked up. By locked up I mean no activity, caps lock key doesn't work, can't ping, can't ssh in, but power is still on.

Can anybody else confirm this? (Obviously on a non-critical machine as it may well cause a kernel crash!) Any ideas on where I should file a bug report or what other investigation I could do?

Thanks, Chris.

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