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Re: postfix domain change

David Hláèik wrote:
> Hello guys,
> i am using postfix as my mailserver on machine running amanda backup
> server . Amanda sends mails as user amanda - so mail is from
> amanda backup net hlacik eu (backup.net.hlacik.eu is servers hostname) .
> Unfortunatelybackup.net.hlacik.eu is not valid domain name in outside
> world and our company rented mailserver complains about non - existent
> domaind and delivery is rejected.
> How can i tell postfix to replace backup.net.hlacik.eu to cz.hlacik.eu ?
> Thanks in advance,
> David
For a single address, it would probably be easier to put an entry in
 the /etc/aliases file for user amanda to send it where you want it.
Don't forget to run newaliases.

To change the from address for all mail from the machine, change
myorigin to cz.hlacik.eu.


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