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Re: Installing software on standalone server

Fred Zinsli wrote:
> I have an FC4 server that is stand alone (lab environement)
> How can I configure yum to look at the CDROM drive when I want to 
> install new applications?
> All I am seeking to do is to install other packages that are on the 
> install CDs and I require their respective dependencies to be installed 
> as well.
> There is no means for me to be able to connect the server to the 
> internet to achieve this.
> Yes I know FC4 support is dead,  but I can't install FC9 on this server 
> as it seems the hardware support for this sertver has been removed.
> Regards
> Fred
Are the dependencies going to be on the CD? If so, then you will
have to use something like mkrepo (sp) to include repo data on the
CD, and have something like this in your repo list:

name=Fedora-CD $releasever - $basearch

If the dependencies are somewhere else, you can use
"yum localinstall <package>


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