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Re: how can I make sure only one instance of gkrellm runs

--- On Thu, 10/16/08, Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 yahoo com> wrote:

> > 1) You don't say how you run the script.
> I don't run the script.  I only run it to check to see
> if gkrellm is running.  Since gkrellm starts by itself I do
> not run the script.  What I did before was run
> $ killall -9 gkrellm
> and then start gkrellm manually so it would run.  But that
> process is getting boring and tiring.  I would like for it
> to run by itself only one instance and not all those times
> that it runs :(
> > 2) What does "kill -0" do? "man
> kill"
> > doesn't mention this possibilty.
> > 3) The script has an obvious race condition, (i.e. if
> run
> > from several
> > places simultaneously, there is a non-zero probability
> of
> > starting more
> > than one process). This is because running the process
> and
> > creating the
> > pidfile are two separate actions.
> > 
> > poc
> > 
> > -- 
> The file was set to run automatically when starting one of
> the two desktops. I ran Gnome for a good while when KDE 4
> was coming out, I switched to it to learn more about it,
> went back to gnome and since Fedora 9 came out and all the
> wonderful updates came up for KDE 4.1.1 and KDE 4.1.2 came
> out I have been running it.  It is no longer on 
> ~/.kde/Autostart/gkrellm or ln -s /usr/bin/gkrellm on it.  
> When I log in, gkrellm starts by itself.  I have the
> don't allow multiple instances of it, but it still runs
> many copies simultaneously :(
> That is the problem.  How can I make sure only one gkrellm
> runs and get rid of all the others once and for all.
> Thank you for helping in trying to resolve this issue.
> Regards,
> Antonio 
> -- 

I am going to try to make this a little easier to be understood, maybe my words were not correct or readable.  

If I were running GNOME desktop on this machine in which there are multiple instances of gkrellm:

I can solve it by doing:

GNOME Desktop 
System ---> Preferences --->  Personal ---> Sessions 

Startup Programs ---> add gkrellm to it and gkrellm automatically runs at startup.
Current Sessions 
Session Options 

In Gnome I can remove all of the instances of gkrellm and leave only 1.  This will solve my problem if I run GNOME, but since I run KDE, what is the equivalent of doing above in KDE.  

Equivalent in KDE?

All I want to know if there is a KDE equivalent way of doing the same thing so that only one instance of gkrellm runs.

Thank you for helping and sorry for my choice of words again.  




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