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Re: Installing software on standalone server

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 1:51 PM, Fred Zinsli <fred zinsli shooter co nz> wrote:
> I have an FC4 server that is stand alone (lab environement)
> How can I configure yum to look at the CDROM drive when I want to
> install new applications?
> All I am seeking to do is to install other packages that are on the
> install CDs and I require their respective dependencies to be installed
> as well.
> There is no means for me to be able to connect the server to the
> internet to achieve this.
> Yes I know FC4 support is dead,  but I can't install FC9 on this server
> as it seems the hardware support for this sertver has been removed.
> Regards
> Fred

Here's another suggestion if you have Pirut installed.

Insert the CD and if it does not mount automatically then loop mount it.
Launch Pirut, click on Edit->Repositories
Click Add and in the Location textbox enter the
cdrom pathname; like file:///mnt/cdrom. (use df -h)
Type something for the description.
Disable all other repositories listed except the one just added.


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