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Re: ATI released drivers working with xorg 1.5 (Fedora 9)

On Thursday 16 October 2008, Fernando Apesteguía wrote:
>2008/10/16 Steve Repo <scmuser gmail com>:
>> On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 1:31 PM, David Hláčik <david hlacik eu> wrote:
>>> Hi, ATI finally released drivers working with xorg 1.5 shipped in Fedora.
>>> What really makes me angry is ,that ATI ignored Fedora, and now when
>>> Ubuntu Interpid is about to come .. here it is .. new drivers.
>>> Read this article ...
>>> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=canonical_catalyst_811
>> It's business in the end.  Ubuntu officially ships with quite a few
>> laptops/desktops from major names (Dell, Acer) and hence the priority
>> (and pressure from the vendors to release drivers).
>> Fedora is .. well a .."community" distribution without commercial
>> partnerships and hence not on AMD's priority list.
>Has anybody installed the driver?

If this is the same small patch posted to fix my entry in their buglist, yes, 
it fixes the 8-9 code so it will build and install for kernel 2.6.27 final.

The patch:

--- firegl_public.c	2008-10-14 16:17:22.000000000 -0300
+++ firegl_public.c	2008-10-14 16:06:01.000000000 -0300
@@ -2924,7 +2924,7 @@
 #ifdef __SMP__
     /* write back invalidate all other CPUs (exported by kernel) */
-	if (smp_call_function(deferred_flush, NULL, 1, 0) != 0)
+	if (smp_call_function(deferred_flush, NULL, 0) != 0)
 		panic("timed out waiting for the other CPUs!\n");
     /* invalidate this CPU */
@@ -4654,7 +4654,7 @@
 #ifdef CONFIG_SMP
-   if (smp_call_function(KCL_setup_pat, NULL, 0, 1) != 0)
+   if (smp_call_function(KCL_setup_pat, NULL, 1) != 0)
        return 0;
@@ -4673,7 +4673,7 @@
 #ifdef CONFIG_SMP
-    if (smp_call_function(KCL_restore_pat, NULL, 0, 1) != 0)
+    if (smp_call_function(KCL_restore_pat, NULL, 1) != 0)

Unforch, the resultant driver runs like a half legged dog.  Not 3.5 legs mind 
you, but only 0.5 legs!

This driver expects to talk to the dri functions through a /dev/dri/card# 
interface, but udev does not build those entries.  The net result is that a 3 
line scroll in firefox, something the radeon driver can do instantly on a 
pci-e ATI HD2400-Pro card, actually takes about 4 seconds using the fglrx 
driver.  All those screen redraws give me a headache not even Anacin can fix.

I can re-enable it, restart x, and post the Xorg.0.log someplace if anybody 
cares.  Reading it, I seem to want to blame udev for this miss-fire.

I've asked xorg when we will see support for the currently shipping ati cards, 
but they are buried in getting 1.5 out the door and stable, so about the time 
ati disco's that chipset and goes to the next, we might get full support for 
last years cards.  Damn I wish these people could all get on the same page.

Half the tv(time for instance) and web video out there doesn't run on this 
card due to missing support for a video mode called YUY2 overlay.

ATI has supposedly given us the info to write drivers for their cards, and to 
me, it looks like the figurative "we" have dropped the ball.

>> Steve
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Cheers, Gene
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