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Re: Kate's terminal emulator freezes up

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 12:37 PM, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
> Aldo Foot wrote:
>> Kate's embedded terminal is helpful when writing programs.
>> It works well as long as it's located at the Lower Sidebar.
>> The terminal freezes up if it's moved to the left, right
>> or upper sidebar.
> Can you give me steps to follow to reproduce this?  (In particular, I'm not
> sure how to move the terminal from the bottom).
> If it's reproducible, then we can worry about filing bugs.
> -- Rex


I tried these steps, which reproduce the problem every time.
A note that may or may not be relevant: I use a KVM switch and
my mouse and keyboard are attached to it.
I'm running this kernel

-- Launch Kate to edit
   Start typing a perl program and save it

--Open the Terminal
  On the Bottom Sidebar click on the icon labeled "Terminal"
  The terminal opens in the lower pane.
  Type commands to change perms and run the program
	$ chmod 750 myprog
	$ ./myprog

--Go back and edit the program some more, then go back to
  the terminal to run the program. Everything is fine so far.

All the above works well as long as the terminal remains at
the lower position.

--Move the Terminal
  Right-click on the Terminal icon on the lower sidebar and
  select "Left Sidebar" to place the terminal on the left
  side. At this point the cursor may or may not become a little
  white box. If the cursor became a white box, then nothing
  else can be typed in.

The only way to get the terminal back to work is
to close it by _left-clicking_ on the Terminal icon, which
is now on the left side. Then click on the icon again to open it.
At this point you'll be able to enter commands for as long as
you stay on the terminal. The terminal is disabled as soon as
you click on the editing pane on the right to continue typing
your program.
At this point the terminal may not work at all and it may be
necessary to exit Kate and relaunch it. By default Kate will
open the Terminal at the Bottom Sidebar.

Let me know your results.


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