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Re: Kate's terminal emulator freezes up

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Aldo Foot wrote:
> I did tried that, but no dice; the cursor becomes completely inactive.

what do you mean by 'completely inactive'?

when 'terminal emulators' on my systems become 'inactive', by changing to
a different window, or as in your case, changing from 'terminal emulator'
to kate editor, cursor in 'terminal emulator' changes from black to white.
clicking in 'terminal emulator' window changes cursor from white to black
and keyboard entry continues.

> I have a wide aspect ratio display and having the terminal and the editor

i understand how and why you are using kate with a 'terminal emulator'.
if you are having 'terminal emulator' cursor lock up, then only other
suggestion would be to open a regular terminal along side kate.

i understand this is not as convent, but at least you will still have
ability to edit a program, save it and then run it. i have debugged
programs this way from when i first started using x windows under unix
and still do so under linux.

maybe some one else has had same problem as you and can offer some help

much luck.

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