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Re: Kate's terminal emulator freezes up

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 4:00 PM, g <geleem bellsouth net> wrote:
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> Aldo Foot wrote:
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>> I did tried that, but no dice; the cursor becomes completely inactive.
> what do you mean by 'completely inactive'?

It means I cannot type anything at the prompt.

> when 'terminal emulators' on my systems become 'inactive', by changing to
> a different window, or as in your case, changing from 'terminal emulator'
> to kate editor, cursor in 'terminal emulator' changes from black to white.
> clicking in 'terminal emulator' window changes cursor from white to black
> and keyboard entry continues.

As I said, it works well when the terminal is at the bottom, but it
fails when the
terminal is on left, right or upper position.

>> I have a wide aspect ratio display and having the terminal and the editor
> i understand how and why you are using kate with a 'terminal emulator'.
> if you are having 'terminal emulator' cursor lock up, then only other
> suggestion would be to open a regular terminal along side kate.
> i understand this is not as convent, but at least you will still have
> ability to edit a program, save it and then run it. i have debugged
> programs this way from when i first started using x windows under unix
> and still do so under linux.

I know. I have done what you describe for the longest time. But this
time I wanted to use the convenience of having everything in a single
interface. I believe that's what Kate is all about.
For now I have a left pane where I can browse for files and
click on them to open for editing, I have an upper pane where I edit and
a lower pane where I run the program.

> maybe some one else has had same problem as you and can offer some help
> much luck.

Thanks. That what I was hoping for.

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