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Re: How to talk ethernet to windows

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Martin <kevintm ameritech net> writes:

    Kevin> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I have a fedora 9 box which is connected to my wireless network
    >> (via network manager).
    >> It also has an ethernet port, and there is a windows xp
    >> professional box in the same room with an ethernet port too. I
    >> have a cable to connect the two boxes together.
    >> So I want to set up a lan with the linux end addressed as
    >> and the windows end addressed as, and a
    >> netmask of And for the windows box to be able to
    >> connect to the internet by routing through to the linux box,
    >> and thence through to the wireless network.
    >> How do I configure the two boxes to do this?
    Kevin> Are you asking *how* to setup the static addresses for the
    Kevin> interfaces and then the routing, or just the routing?  If

Both, really.

    Kevin> it's just the routing, on the windows box (from a cmd.exe
    Kevin> window) do a "route -p add net mask
    Kevin>" (that will setup the static route to route
    Kevin> everything thru the Linux ip address and save it for future

It doesn't. It responds with:

Bad destination address net

    Kevin> traffic, and you'll need to setup ip forwarding in
    Kevin> /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward.  

How do I do that?

    Kevin> As to setting up the static routes, in Windows the easiest way to do it is with the
    Kevin> Networking gui,

I thought that was what the above command was supposed to do. What
else do I need to do?
P.S. It is Chinese-language Windows (for my wife - I wouldn't dream of
using windows myself), and I can't read Chinese, so I have to get her
to translate, and she doesn't understand computer technical terms.
So command lines would be easier for me.

    Kevin>  in linux you can use Network Manager (yuk)
    Kevin> or set it up in the /etc/sysconfig/networking and
    Kevin> /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts area.

What needs setting up?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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