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Re: How to install Fedora 9 without DVD drive (but I have usb)

Tim <ignored_mailbox <at> yahoo.com.au> writes:

> Do you have space on a drive to hold the install DVD ISO?  You can add
> an entry to grub to start loading the boot.iso, and start the
> installation off the hard drive.

I have been doing exactly that for at least 4 years - it has never failed me.
However you do need to be aware that in the even of a failed install going
to the same root partition as the previous version of Fedora then you have
no operating system.  If there is disk space available then it would be valuable
to make a new partition to hold the newly installed / even if other partitions
such as /opt are going to be mounted in the new system. In the case of the OP's
question this would be a safety net allowing the previous system to be booted 
in the event of a failed install.  

In addition it should be pointed out that the DVD iso file needs to be placed
on a partition that is not going to be overwritten during the install - eg 
in the /opt partition separately from /

HTH and good luck with the install.

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