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Re: Kate's terminal emulator freezes up

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 7:27 PM, g <geleem bellsouth net> wrote:
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> as parting thoughts,
>  go thru 'configure kate' to see just what is set.

I'm not in front of my F8 system now, but I'm looking at a CentOS.52
build at this moment.
Well, when you right-click on the terminal you can adjust the
look-and-feel settings.
One thing that jumps out is the Keyboard setting which can be made to
be set to one
of Xterm, vt100 or linux console. The same menu gives you the option
to set Kate's
terminal to be the same as your regular desktop terminal settings by clicking on
the "Use Konsole's settings" option.

The Kate manual points out that Kate is just a copy of the KDE Konsole
terminal application

I'll try to changing the keyboard setting on my F8 system next monday.

BTW -the CentOS.52 system has no problems whatsoever with the Kate terminal.

>  'r & r'. use yum to remove and replace.
>  you may have a squirreled install.
> you never know until you try...

 I did look into the possibility of replacing the package but it's not
an independent
component. Kate is a part of the K Desktop Environment core files
I'm not sure I want to mess with the core files and brake something in
an otherwise
stable system.

I appreciate your time, thanks for all the suggestions g.

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