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Re: How to uninstall fedora on dual boot system


You can use the windows install CD to restore MBR (using the recovery console).
Or to get a MBR copy and to write it with the dd command.
And then to boot in windows and to format Fedora partitions using Disk Manager.

1) Restore MBR (from Fedora or Windows install CD)
2) Erase the Fedora partitions (from Windows using Disk Manager)

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 20:34, john <johnbs tele2 fr> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>                        My problem must be deadly simple for most people but
> for me it leaves me shivering. I have now two computors and I want to
> reinstall fedora on the second which is so muxh better than the first. On
> the latter I would like to get rid of fedora and leave windows which
> unfortunately I have to keep : the kids and the wife! How do I do this
> without having terrible trouble with Grub? Could you please indicate the
> road  on how to avoid a breakdown on the computor and logically, if things
> go bad, n nervous one for me. Thanks in advance      John Brennan-Sardou.
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