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Re: How to uninstall fedora on dual boot system

john wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>                         My problem must be deadly simple for most people
> but for me it leaves me shivering. I have now two computors and I want
> to reinstall fedora on the second which is so muxh better than the
> first. On the latter I would like to get rid of fedora and leave windows
> which unfortunately I have to keep : the kids and the wife! How do I do
> this without having terrible trouble with Grub? Could you please
> indicate the road  on how to avoid a breakdown on the computor and
> logically, if things go bad, n nervous one for me. Thanks in
> advance      John Brennan-Sardou.
What version of Windos? The process of installing the Windows boot
loader depends on the version. DOS and Windows both have the ability
to "fix" the mbr, replacing grub with Windows version of the MBR.
Just make sure you di it BEFORE removing Grub, or have another boot
media for Windows.


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