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Re: F9: Firefox: Java based site fails to work.

On Saturday 18 October 2008 20:14, Dan Thurman wrote:
> I visited a java-based website and wondering why this
> site seems to say that I need to enable Java in order
> to use it?
> I checked FF preferences and Java is enabled so that
> is not the problem.
> Firefox works fine on a windows platform so perhaps
> I actually do not have Java installed on F9?  If so, what
> steps do I need to take in order to make it work?
> Thanks!
> Dan

Hi Dan. Which site are you trying to access? I have found that the Java 
installed on some distros doesn't work with some websites, and more than once 
have had to install the JRE from Sun Microsystems. Having done that, and set 
it up, accessing sites that use Java are no longer a problem.

Please post the URL for the site you're having problems with, and I'll try it 
on F9, which uses Iced Tea, and also on my FC2 install which has a genuine, 
although old version of the JRE from Sun Microsystems installed on it.

All the best.


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