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RE: installation build and test process question - warning, it is dumb.

some would say to use a dhcp configuration/approach, which would reduce your need to go in and clean up the ethX types of issues.

if you really need to have manual/distinct names/ip addresses that you;re assigning, you're going to have to do some manual work.

you could create a great deal of work, and set up a process, where the cloned box, would 1st use dhcp, and then run some bash script to fetch/install information from a centralized setup, where the information would have the set ip address/server name, and change the appropriate files on the cloned box as required...

have fun!!

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You guys have offered some great advice, so I am going to ask a dumb 
sort of question.
I have a machine with all the peripherals - CD, DVD, Frewire,  SATA, 
EIDE, SCSI, USB ports,
and multiple ethers.  I use this as a build and test machine - 
configuring a drive to be installed
in another box.  It is not possible to add more than a minimal drive to 
the target machines.

When I build a drive, configure the apps, test it, and then install it 
in the intended box,
I have to do lots of manual clean up, ethernet device names making them 
match mac
addresses in the configs, and so on.  I am careful about system names, 
ip addresses,
and all that for the application installs.

Is there an easier way to do this? I have tried a few alternatives but 
they still
require post install clean up.  yeah, I am kind of manually going 
through all this,
not quie brute force but close.

thanks for any ideas

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