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Re: hwclock can cause system lockup

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 7:09 AM, Chris <chris1 noreply googlemail com> wrote:
> 2008/10/17 g <geleem bellsouth net>:
>> if you would like to make your life a little easier, set up one of
>> your local boxes, that has internet access, to act as a local server.
>> let it check 'outside' for time, then you can sync all boxes to a
>> local time server and *all* of you local network will be in sync.
>> check '/usr/share/doc/ntp*' where you will find info about 'local ntp'.
> Thanks for the idea but these machines are sent out to various sites,
> many of which do not have any connection to the outside world. The
> application running on these machines requires accurate time which is
> why the system clock is periodically synched to the hardware clock,
> since it is more accurate in the absence of NTP.
>> also, if you do not mind, could you please disable sending 'text/html'.
>> i do not normally reply to 'text/html' as i have them sent to a separate
>> folder and do not check them often. some who follow tech support list
>> send 'text/html' to trash and never see 'text/html'. thanks.
> Argh, that's one of my pet hates too. I only signed up for this new
> gmail account yesterday and didn't realise it defaulted to html.
> Thanks for pointing it out politely!
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Hi again Chris!

Some more silly thoughts:

Time Server -- Often "GPS NTP Time Server"  I suppose it adds a bit of
expense but the time accuracy would be increased.

PCI Hardware Clock.  These can be much more accurate than your
hardware clock and not as fussy about how you use them.

Have a lot of fun!


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