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Re: F9, Firefox 3 and Java plugin

Em Dom 19 Out 2008, g escreveu:
> Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm having some problems with Firefox 3 on F9 and Sun's Java
> > plugin. Can anyone with this setup test the site:
> > https://secure.apligraf.com.br/webfeed/viptrade/grafico.php?popup=s
> >im&papel=USIM5&estudo=ifr&indexador
> it shows up as an untrusted certificate, so i did not go further with
> it.
> just what is site?
> ~~~
> i did go back and try  https://secure.apligraf.com.br/ which did
> load, including java section.
> no offense, but not knowing you or site, i now have it set as
> 'untrusted'.
> you could log site page, save page, then look at it to see just what
> they are doing and make a decision as to what you need to do.

No offense taken, I underestand your position. However, I'm not worried 
about the dangerousness of the site. I know it's a well known stock 
market information provider (here in Brazil). I'm just curious about 
why the applet do not work correctly with Sun's Java + F9 + FX3, while 
it works fine with Sun's Java + F8 + FX2 and with OpenJDK + F9 + FX3.

And, as I said in the previous e-mail, the fact that the certificate is 
untrusted do not make the site more dangerous. If it was an HTTP:// 
link instead of an HTTPS:// link, you would have opened it, and the 
risk would be the same... The untrusted certificate only means you 
can't trust the information shown there (or better saying, you can't be 
sure it comes from the source the URL says it it comes from).
And the other way is also true, the fact the the certificate is trusted 
does not mean the site is secure (with "secure" I mean "not 
malicious", "not dangerous". The data transmission is of course 
protected by SSL, as it's also true even if the certificate is 
untrusted). The trusted certificate only means you can be sure the 
site's contents were published by the site's owner. Whether it's secure 
or not, dangerous or not, it's another matter.


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