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Re: Weird colour problem with Real Video and Skype

mike cloaked wrote:
I have a Dell Inspiron 530S desktop with an Nvidia graphics card.
The hardware is at

The machine runs F8 fully up to date and has kmod-nvidia installed.
The desktop is KDE3.5

Almost everything runs well and without any problems - but for a long
time there has been a really awful colour problem when running Real video
and Skype.

Two examples of the problem are on the screenshots at:
These were obtained by going to the test page at
and running the videos - it does not seem to make any difference installing
a different version of Realplayer.
I have the same setup on a different machine with different hardware and
not running kmod-nvidia and there is no problem with colour with the same

Flash video on web pages is fine and I am not aware of other colour issues but
I have been unable to fathom out how to fix this problem.

Does anyone have any hints as to what I may do, or a workaround, or
suggestion as to where I might look to fix this?

Just as a matter of interest, Mike, in RealPlayer have you unchecked
"Use XVideo" (Tools > Preferences > Hardware > Driver Options)?

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