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Re: out of range

On Sun, 2008-10-19 at 18:31 -0400, barclay982 wrote:
> i have not even got the the point of executing xwindows, i only get out 
> of the bios, into lilo or the like, how do i get to the xwindows 
> settings from lilo?
> barclay
> Test wrote:
> > i meant checking the settings of your X-windows...
> >
> > Your X-windows settings are probably set incorrect. (too high a
> > resolution for your monitor...)
> >
> > Don't have the details at hand, do some googling for X-windows and
> > resolution settings..
boot screen where it counts down before it boots is not lilo but rather

If you press the letter 'a' in grub, it allows you to 'append' arguments
to kernel for booting.

If you add the number one (1) to the boot line, press 'Enter' and press
'b', you will then boot with the option 1 which means boot to runlevel 1

at that point, try executing the command...

system-config-display --reconfig

and see if you can configure the display settings appropriately. Once
you changed your settings, click OK to save the changes and exit. You
can test by running the command 'startx'

If all works well, type 'init 5' to get to normal runlevel or just
reboot by typing 'shutdown now -r'


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