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Re: Network performance utility query!

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 11:51 AM, Max Pyziur <pyz brama com> wrote:
> IPTraf?
>> From the Description:
> IPTraf is a console-based network monitoring utility.  IPTraf gathers
> data like TCP connection packet and byte counts, interface statistics
> and activity indicators, TCP/UDP traffic breakdowns, and LAN station
> packet and byte counts.  IPTraf features include an IP traffic monitor
> which shows TCP flag information, packet and byte counts, ICMP
> details, OSPF packet types, and oversized IP packet warnings;
> interface statistics showing IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, non-IP and other IP
> packet counts, IP checksum errors, interface activity and packet size
> counts; a TCP and UDP service monitor showing counts of incoming and
> outgoing packets for common TCP and UDP application ports, a LAN
> statistics module that discovers active hosts and displays statistics
> about their activity; TCP, UDP and other protocol display filters so
> you can view just the traffic you want; logging; support for Ethernet,
> FDDI, ISDN, SLIP, PPP, and loopback interfaces; and utilization of the
> built-in raw socket interface of the Linux kernel, so it can be used
> on a wide variety of supported network cards.
> fyi,
> MP
> pyz brama com
> On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, Dan Track wrote:
>> Hi
>> Does anyone know of a program that I can use to test network
>> performance. I've got to devices one linux and the other windows, I'd
>> like to see if the linux device is getting nearly the max 100Mbit of
>> performance when sending data to the windows box. Any thoughts?
>> Thanks
>> Dan


But that's only for monitoring isn't it? I need something that would
generate the traffic aswell. Any thoughts?


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