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Re: Weird colour problem with Real Video and Skype

Michael C <sieverfrisch <at> yahoo.ie> writes:

> Just as a matter of interest, Mike, in RealPlayer have you unchecked
> "Use XVideo" (Tools > Preferences > Hardware > Driver Options)?

Yes it worked with your suggestion for RealPlayer - thanks Michael.

However the Skype colour problem remains - 
the camera is a Phillips SPC900NC and uses the in kernel pwc driver
I don't know if that is relevant - 
In the case of Skype there are no obvious controls to change anything
concerning video from the UI although there are files in ~/.Skype and maybe 
adding some mysterious ingredient to one or other file could fix it?

I use the same camera on a Dell 5150 with onboard graphics and there
is no problem with colour - so it is clearly only on the Dell 530S 
with the nvidia graphics where I have the problem.

I can't bugzilla this as Skype is not a Fedora supported application.
It is possible that the Skype forums may yield a solution but there 
is much more chance that a Fedora expert who is familiar with video
and Skype may be monitoring this site.

Would be great to have this solved.

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