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Re: trends in fedora

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 10:11 PM, Russell Strong <russell strong id au> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just installed Fedora 9 on my laptop, and unfortunately a few things
> are getting worse in Fedora.
> Network management has always been awkward on Fedora and with Fedora 9 it's
> getting much worse.
> 1. I have always edited the config files directly to get things working.
>  And still have to ( it's just a straight forward wireless connection ).
> 2. NetworkManager is now the default on install, BUT...
>   2.1 NetworkManager does not give you a wireless connection when no user is
> logged in.
>         2.1.1 How am I going to run any network service, NTP, NFS, httpd,
> etc..... without a network?
>         2.1.2 How am I going to remotely administer my machines?
>   2.2 NetworkManager does not give you the ability to configure system wide
> networking services or policy.
>   2.3 NetworkManager does not have any decent documentation.
> 3. Try using WPA and DHCP at the same time.  It's never worked in this or
> any previous Fedora.  Yes, NM will do it, but that's no good because of the
> previously stated problems.  the network service won't do it because it
> tries to run DHCP immediately after bringing up the interfaces...It SHOULD
> wait until wpa_supplicant has run and the interface is available for traffic
> before kicking off DHCP...
> GDM was functional, well behaved and stable in Fedora 8.  I used it to log
> into other F8 machines locked away in difficult to get at racks.  Fedora 9
> has effectively removed that ability by shipping a GDM with gdmsetup.  How
> many users depend on that functionality?  I did, and won't be able to
> upgrade to F9 for any other machines.
> A suggestion...
> Use the fedora website/wiki to collect information about use cases.  Find
> out what people depend on.  Use that to provide a guarantee that
> functionality and usefulness won't go backwards.  If it was ever setup,  I'd
> tell you everything I do with my machines.
> Russell
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Try checking out upstream GDM bug:

and also gdm mailing list:


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