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Re: Fedora9 - Citrix Client

Tom Brown wrote:

I remember going through a lot of nonsense to get it working on F8,
I'm not sure if I ever tried F9. Basically I downloaded the linux
rpm from citrix, then I had to dig up an old openmotif rpm from
an old redhat (or maybe early fedora) CD. I found some tool somewhere
that would let me edit an rpm by extracting all the bits, editing them,
then putting the bits back together. I used that to transform the
openmotif rpm into one that didn't have conflicts with the newer X
libs, then was able to install along with the citrix client and
it all actually works. (Of course there were also all the libxcb
bugs, but those are resolved in latest updates).

I also tried the java client, but it didn't really work very well
even with "real" sun java installed.

hopefully this will help me


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