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New Lenovo thinkpad W700 and Fedora ?

Hi List;

about 6mos ago my thinkpad Z60m running Fedora died due to hardware failure. My biggest client was (and still is) a huge mac shop and they sold me on it so I bought a macbook, and pretty quickly I upgraded to a 17" macbook pro. I sent the macbook pro off to MCE tech and they put my cd/dvd superdrive in an external enclosure and installed 2 internal 500G hard drives in a RAID configuration.

Unfortunately I find myself thinking more and more that I should have just stuck with Linux, the macbook is ok but I miss too many things about Linux and I find that my Linux box was actually more stable than OSX (I fully expect windows to be unstable, un-usable, etc but I'm a bit surprised that OSX is less than stable).

So, here's my question(s):

I'm thinking about getting one of the new Lenovo W700 laptops, per this laptop:

- will Fedora 9 (and the latest kernel) support the "Intel WiFi Link 5300 (AGN)" built-in wireless?
- will Fedora 9 suport the optional "Pantone Color Sensor" ?
- anyone have any thoughts per will the soundcard on this box work?

Finally, one final question:
I'm not dead-set on getting the Lenovo box, anyone have any suggestions for a good 17inch laptop (preferrably with 2 internal drives) that runs Fedora9 well (running KDE4) ?

Thanks in advance...


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