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Re: [OT] msbsos password recovery

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Nifty Fedora Mitch wrote:
> Who's security policy do you violate,  If this is a service provider
> there must be some process to reaccess the resource if it is yours.

i agree. but to clear things up, 'you' is not as in *me*. it is *he* as in

if it were 'i', as in *me*, 'we', as in 'they' - *company*, would not still
be using hosting provider. as there have been several other issues with current

reason that 'they' are with host is that previous admin's head was up bg&c's
butt and chose current host. current admin knows little of linux and i do
question his knowledge of msbsos. but he has been at it for enough years that
he got job over my 'friend/colleague'.

if f/c and i can pull this 'little caper' and gain password, then my f/c will
have a very good shot at becoming new admin and moving local servers over to
linux and get a new remote host that is a linux system host.

> In general there are laws governing this stuff and any worthy 
> service provider must act within the law -- as must you.

of this i am aware, and i already have contract agreements to be signed before
i tickle first key on systems. cyoa.

> If someone dies you may be required to deliver a death certificate and 
> more to validate and cover their legal needs.   Yes this can take time.

time is on 'our side'. contract with current host is up for renewal at end
of year and there is no desire to 'make waves'. if we can pull local password,
all will be *golden* because f/c noticed indications that departed had an
auto login set.

> sealed envelope with pass words and keys in your managers locked
> resource perhaps you should.
> Such things need to be covered by policy and process.

this will all be taken care of.

thanks for your input.

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