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Re: flash and firefox again

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 7:33 PM, Amadeus W.M. <amadeus84 verizon net> wrote:
Man, is flash broken (again?) or what? It was working before the upgrade
to flash-10, but now cnn videos are very choppy when they play, or simply
don't play at all. Do other people have this problem? I have a
hyperthreaded 2.8GHz processor and cnn video takes some 70% on each
thread. Prior to the update I would see some 30-40% (as far as I can
recall), and only on one of the threads, not both.

Video on other sites plays well though, e.g. uefa.com.

I didn't find anything helpful with a quick Google search for "flash 10 multitheaded" but maybe it is an issue with multi-core machines? In contrast, on my single core machine, hulu movies seem to take significantly less CPU, at least with my "seat of the pants" benchmarking. Maybe 15-25% less...


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