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Re: When will KDE4 get a desktop like in KDE3.x ?

Linuxguy123 wrote:
Here is a comment from a recent KDE4.2 review:

The Desktop
Plasma has most goals listed for inclusion in KDE4.2, followed closely
by KWin. Currently Plasma behaves somewhat unstable and can crash while
managing the plasmoids. With the default “plasmoid” desktop setting, we
can add the plasmoids, but the files/icons are not supported, KDE3’s


Why can't we have files and icons on the desktop, ala KDE3.x ?

Because you haven't implemented it yet.

KDE 4 was released as it was because most of the interesting work required to make a maintainable next-generation desktop environment were done, and there was no other way to force developers to get around to the important but boring work of porting existing features to the new architecture. Fedora and other fast-moving distributions adopted KDE 4 for this very reason.

I'm sure the KDE developers would welcome your patches.

-- Chris

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