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Re: Wikimedia Ubuntu migration FAQ

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Wikimedia Ubuntu migration FAQ :
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Ubuntu_migration_FAQ
> While these guys are free to choose whatever distro they want,

You should have stopped there.  If you disagree with their FAQ, publish
your own.

> I find that they are seriously dragging the names of Fedora, RedHat and
> Centos through the mud along the way. Especially considering that by
> their own admissions, they were running very dated versions of these
> distros.

It seems like you didn't actually read the FAQ.  They're not using
Fedora because they feel it's too bleeding edge.  Updating to F10 would
hardly fix this.  They were running dated versions of RHEL because in
their opinion the most recent version of RHEL is dated.

> Is this at all a concern for Fedora Marketing or FESCO?

I'm sure a stern letter from Red Hat will change their minds.

Matt Flaschen

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