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Re: help with old BSD mail commands

Dave Encisco wrote, On 10/20/2008 05:42 PM:

I just migrated an old Solaris server to a new machine running Fedora.

Unfortunately one of my users is blind and dependent on using the BSD
mail command. Fortunately that still works for him, but he also was used
to using the BSD "from" command that lists newly arrived mail and/or the
nfrm command that was part of elm. Can someone point me to the
equivalent for Linux. My user is dependent on line-command and Mutt and
Pine do not work for him.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...and save me a lot of time.


has a link at the bottom to a copy of the source.

and/or you could grab an src.rpm from
and then build that on fedora.

Elm Millennium Edition might be interesting for you
and they include a src.rpm

I don't and have not used elm, but apparently resources are still out there if you know where to look.

If you want the 'BSD "from" command' you would have to have more information on it to do a search that finds anything. (your email is the first thing that that comes up in a http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=from.command+nfrm+bsd+mail+&btnG=Search

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