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F9: Desktop Effect and Compiz: How to manually disable it?

I have enabled 'Desktop Effects'  (Compiz) and tried it out
and it looks pretty cool.  I was able to logout and log back
in, everything is fine.

Next, I used the Compiz Configuration Tool (cscm), added
a few more "bells and whistles", and I did not get any immediate
changes after closing the cscm dialog window.  But I was curious
about emerald, so I used the command-line command for emerald
and cool - I had emerald window wraps!


I logged off and logged back in - and got the dreaded windows
white screen of death!  Rats.  There was no windows cursors
and nothing seemed to work (mouse clicks and random keystrokes)
until I hit ALT-S - and the mouse cursor popped in - but still, the
screen stayed white.

I hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and the window logged out and the
GUI login screen appeared.

Next, I logged in as a different user that did not have desktop
effects (Compiz) enabled, so everything was fine.

My question is, is there a command-line command or can
I manually disable Desktop-Effects (Compiz) for that user
where it failed (since obviously I cannot use the the user's
desktop window to disable desktop-effects)?  I would like
to restore this user (it is not mine!) to a sane state and try a
temporary user to resolve this problem for later.

I searched everywhere for a solution and even posted
my problem on Compiz's Forum waiting for a resolution,
but I wanted to post this specific request here seeking the
answer to manually disable the desktop-effects.


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