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[Re: Re: Help needed: firefox no more std application for a WEB URL]

Claude Jones wrote:
On Wed October 22 2008 4:58:42 am Joachim Backes wrote:

 > Hi,


 > I'm using F9 together with gnome as std desktop. I have some WEB links

 > on my gnome desktop, and since all fedora generations, firefox is

 > started if I click on an icon on my desktop pointing to some website.


 > But since a few days, clicking on a web icon starts konqueror and no

 > more firefox. How to re-switch to firefox?


 > There is no "open with" dialog when clicking with the right mouse on

 > such an icon.


 > All help is appreciated.


open a terminal (command line) and enter the following command:



Claude Jones

Brunswick, MD

Hi Claude,

thank you for your reply, but it does not help. This command is the same
as the menu system>preferences>personal>preferred applications, which I
tried before I sent an email to the fedora list. Firefox is (and was)
responsible for web applications, but obviously this has no influence on
my problem. Can't say why. Still konqueror is started.




Joachim Backes <joachim backes rhrk uni-kl de>

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