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Re: [Re: Re: Help needed: firefox no more std application for a WEB URL]

On Wed October 22 2008 8:26:28 am Joachim Backes wrote:

> thank you for your reply, but it does not help. This command is the same

> as the menu system>preferences>personal>preferred applications, which I

> tried before I sent an email to the fedora list. Firefox is (and was)

> responsible for web applications, but obviously this has no influence on

> my problem. Can't say why. Still konqueror is started.

Sorry to hear that. That command has always worked for me, but I use KDE, so there may be some other places in a Gnome system where that link gets stored. There used to be a place in the KDE Control Center for setting preferred apps which had to do with how a KDE app would respond. Maybe someone else will be able to help you on the Gnome side of things. What happens if you right-click on those desktop links of yours?


Claude Jones

Brunswick, MD

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