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Re: What are your unsatisfied NetworkManager use cases?

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 13:23:43 -0500
"Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa gmail com> wrote:

> So please reply with a use case that you have that is not covered, I
> will attempt to collect clarify and log them on the wiki (just
> reactivated my account).

Another problem is that the dhclient-script man page has always had feeble, but
at least existing documentation on the scripts you can define to manually provide
information that isn't provided by the DHCP protocol. Things like
/etc/dhclient-exit-hooks, etc.

They are just shell scripts. Anyone who can invoke the shell could
invoke the script, but somehow NetworkManager doesn't feel the need
to conform to existing standards or provide backward compatibility
for people with existing dhclient scripts. It doesn't run them, and
besides not running them, it has no documentation on any kind of
alternative that might be able to do similar things.

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