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Re: What are your unsatisfied NetworkManager use cases?

On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 13:23 -0500, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Many people seem to have different issues with NetworkManager. I would
> like to attempt to assist with the progress of NetworkManager by
> collecting use cases which it does not cover at all or properly.

> So please reply with a use case that you have that is not covered, I
> will attempt to collect clarify and log them on the wiki (just
> reactivated my account).

> For my sake please do one use case per email.

	Last time I looked, there was no way to prevent NetworkManager from
screwing over /etc/resolve.conf.  I have several cases where I want to
run a local caching nameserver (dnsmasq or bind) and/or need statically
configured IPv6 name servers (IPv4 dhcp can not hand out IPv6 nameserver
addresses and NetworkManagers IPv6 support is non-existent - another
issue) and need to have NetworkManager keep it's bleeping hands off

	This was trivial under the network scripts.  Just set PEERDNS=no.

	I got so fed up with NetworkManager overriding my specified
resolve.conf that I finally made it immutable.  I was also using
dhclient hook scripts to update the dns configuration files but I
understand that might be possible under the NetworkManger directories.
I never found any way to prevent it from committing not-so-random acts
of terrorism to /etc/resolve.conf, though.

	Bottom line is failure to support or honor full range of configuration
options available under ifcfg-{interface}.

	For me.  That's a hard stop show stopper.  You can not take features
away that people are using.

	NetworkManager seems great for wireless and I use it for wireless but
it just seems like a great big PITA for wired.

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