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Re: OpenOffice and .pps files -

Ed Greshko wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
I thought openoffice usually opens .pps files?

Suddenly I have a file that it wont open.

This is an up to the minute updated F-9 system created from the live CD
so perhaps there is some appendage to OO that I need?

This really has me puzzled because I thought it was working but perhaps I
haven't tried this since installing F-9.

Any thoughts on what I might have missed?

Not the best time to be answering posts...as it is 03:30....  I assume
you are trying to open the file directly.  But, are you sure the file
with a .pps extension is indeed a pps file?  I recall a while back
someone had a problem trying to open a .pdf file and the file turned out
to be a postscript file. Could it be a similar situation?

I considered that it may be marked as the wrong type, especially knowing the source, but I've tried two other .pps files "locate" finds in my computer and the don't open either? It's not a major thing, often such problems clear up with another update.

Not to worry, I usually get up around 03:00, a victim of BPH! A good time to have coffee.


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