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Re: What are your unsatisfied NetworkManager use cases?

Michael H. Warfield wrote:

So please reply with a use case that you have that is not covered, I
will attempt to collect clarify and log them on the wiki (just
reactivated my account).

For my sake please do one use case per email.

	Last time I looked, there was no way to prevent NetworkManager from
screwing over /etc/resolve.conf.

For a variation on this theme, I run OpenNMS on a box with one statically assigned interface with DNS configuration and default gateway and another on a different network where I want it to pick up a DHCP address, but don't want either the default gateway or the DNS servers that are offered. That is, I just want to be able to reach the addresses on that branch, not route anything through it. Screwing up your default gateway is at least as bad as resolv.conf.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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