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Re: What are your unsatisfied NetworkManager use cases?

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 2:21 PM, Andrew Parker <andrewparker bigfoot com> wrote:
[ snip ]

Your post is clear, but I would like to verify things as it "works for me"

> Fixed IPs on a network that has a DHCP server on it - I can't turn off
> the wired auto configuration, and end up with the DHCP one.  Trying to
> switch between auto and fixed after I've logged in doesn't work
> properly either.

So I have a similiar setup at home. And I know that it works. So
either else is wrong on your end (user error, or a specific bug).

I have my router set to give IPs, and recently, I also enabled binding
of IPs to MAC addresses. But I already had my desktop on a static IP.
So one think I we need to clarify, is this with or without the device
set as to be managed by NetworkManager (configurable in
system-config-network). I can't be sure of my own setting as I
recently had a troublesome NM problem myself, so my current settings
aren't t be trusted.

> Yeah, I know, I should get my MAC tied to an IP, but if you can get
> network support to do anything other than say "have you tried
> rebooting?" then you're a better man than I am.  Its just not an
> option for me.

Either way, this is a valid use case (if it really doesn't work).

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