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Re: OpenOffice and .pps files -

Ed Greshko wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
I thought openoffice usually opens .pps files?

Suddenly I have a file that it wont open.

This is an up to the minute updated F-9 system created from the live CD
so perhaps there is some appendage to OO that I need?

This really has me puzzled because I thought it was working but perhaps I
haven't tried this since installing F-9.

Any thoughts on what I might have missed?

Not the best time to be answering posts...as it is 03:30....  I assume
you are trying to open the file directly.  But, are you sure the file
with a .pps extension is indeed a pps file?  I recall a while back
someone had a problem trying to open a .pdf file and the file turned out
to be a postscript file. Could it be a similar situation?

I found the answer listed in the Yumex OO listing.

It requires openoffice impress which I did not have.

Once installed the .pps file opens.



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