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Re: old keyboard

Hiisi wrote:
> Dear List!
> Recently I've found a nice old computer. It's called Convergent
> Technology. Some 80's machine without any decoration signs. The problem
> is I have only box with motherboard and processor and a keyboard - no
> display. The display was main link between keyboard and box. So, I can't
> run it. What I actually want to do, is to use its keyboard on my modern
> computer (Celeron 510 MHz with 256 MB memory running FC 7).  The
> keyboard has some strange plug. It looks like network (LAN) plug, but
> board. Pictures of the keyboard and plug can be found at the address:
> http://kampela.ru/kuvat/index.php?offset=1
> If I'll solder a PS or PS/2 plug to it is it possible to run this old
> beauty? I vainly googled for the information about old keyboards. And
> found only stuff of how to make a valet from it.
> Thanks for attention,
> Hiisi
I do not think it will work just by changing plugs. It is not going
to have the correct scan codes. If it is what I think it is, the
"monitor" was actually a terminal. The machine you have probably
used a serial connection to the terminal, and the terminal send
ASCII code to the computer. If you had the "CRT" part, you could
probably hook it to a serial port and use it under Linux. (I have
done that with a few "smart" terminals...)

The keyboard may generate modified ASCII code, or its own codes that
the firmware in the terminal translated. A common method was serial
communication with 7 bit ASCII code, and special functions if the
8th bit was set.

What you MAY be able to do is convert the keyboard so it will
connect to a serial port. But it is probably going to be more
trouble then it is worth.


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