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Re: What are your unsatisfied NetworkManager use cases?

On Wednesday 22 October 2008 02:23:43 pm Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Many people seem to have different issues with NetworkManager. I would
> like to attempt to assist with the progress of NetworkManager by
> collecting use cases which it does not cover at all or properly.
> So please reply with a use case that you have that is not covered, I
> will attempt to collect clarify and log them on the wiki (just
> reactivated my account).
> For my sake please do one use case per email.
For me, the most important thing I simply can't do is set a preferred network 
order. I've configured / hacked NM to where it reliabily uses the 3G card in 
my laptop. However, what I would like for NM to do is try wired connections 
first. If I bother plugging in a network cable, I really do want to use it. 
Then, it should use known wireless networks. If none are available, activate 
the Verizon air card... 

I guess the order would have to be configurable - wired, known wireless, 3G, 
unknown wireless are the four categories that come to mind.



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